Targeting the source of pain

Common Treatments

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Interventional or direct treatment of pain is achieved by targeting the source of the discomfort. Diagnostic blocks followed by more definitive radiofreqency or cryotherapy treatments can be used to reduce inflammation and sensitivity in sensitive and injured tissue.
Caudal epidural
Epidurogram with adhesiolysis
The injection of a pain relieving mix of medications is placed through a flexible plastic tube into the area around inflamed and irritated spinal nerves
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Facet joint radiofrquency treatment
Facet joint denervation
An electrode is placed into the target area and heat energy from radio waves is used to numb the structures have become painful and inflamed.
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Facet joint injection
Facet joint injections
Injection of a pain relieving solution into facet joints can be used to both diagnose where pain is coming from as well as reduce inflammation. Similar injections can be used in other areas.
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RACZ epidural
RACZ catheter epidurolysis
A guidable plastic tube can be placed into inflamed spinal regions and manoeuvred around nerves and scar tissue. Scar dissolving medication can be injected.
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Facet joint cervical treatment
Cervical facet treatment
Similar treatments can be used throughout the spine to treat pain occuring at these levels. Cervical facet denervation can reduce both neck pain and headaches.
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A small camera can be placed via a plastic catheter into the spine to directly visualise the affected area. This allows for accurate diagnosis and direct treatment.
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